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Egypt, US tackles cooperation in combating terrorism

CAIRO, Egyptian Defense Minister General Sudqi Subhi and a delegation from the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) met Thursday to tackle ways to boost joint cooperation, peace and stability in the Middle East, and the war on terrorism.

During the meeting, General Subhi affirmed on “depth of strategic relationships spanning decades” with the American Armed Forces, “thus supporting common endeavors for peace and development and addressing current challenges aimed at undermining security and stability in the region” a statement released by the Egyptian Defense Ministry.

The statement also added that members of JINSA were also firmed on the importance of coordination and consultation between both sides, especially on Egypt’s determination in combating terrorism along with its active participation in joint issues on a regional and international level.

The cooperation between US and Egypt since the peace treaty with Israeli in 1979 has dominantly been focused on assisting the country through its military sector, making it the second largest non-NATO recipient of US military aid.

Source: Kuwait News Agency