Egypt’s Pres.: Terrorism is “monster” succeeded by some countries’ support

CAIRO, President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi said Saturday that terrorism would not have succeeded if not supported by some countries.

This came while attending the eighth National Youth Forum which kicked off in New Cairo today with the opening session evaluating the local and international counter-terrorism efforts.

He referred to terrorism as “cancer” and a “monster” that has gone out of control of the entities that initiated it.

He further noted that weakening the power of the national state is the main goal of terrorism. Terrorism was used for destroying Syria and Libya along with other countries in central Africa, said the president, adding that terrorism is now seeking to undermine the Egyptian state.

El-Sisi reiterated that the Egyptian army is the main pillar of the whole region, and that the religious discourse should cope up with modern age.

“We have not yet confronted terrorism ideologically in a strong way,” said El-Sisi, adding that the main directors of terrorists on social media platforms still unknown.

Source: Kuwait News Agency