Emergency Minister Kemaleddin Heydarov: “The schools will be delivered till the new

Zagatala: Vugar Heydarov; Azerbaijan’s Minister of Emergency Situations, Colonel General Kemaleddin Heydarov announced the aim of his visit to the quake area. The Minister told APA that his visit to Zagatala aimed to become closely familiar with the construction works in the region: “The aim of my visit to the region is related with construction of quake-affected houses and schools.

I took an interest in construction of schools in Gakh, Zagatala and Balaken regions, because the schools must be constructed and handed till the new education year. At the same time we gathered information about construction of private houses and other social objects. Everything is normal and I can say that we will be able to fulfill our work on time.

The schools will be delivered till the new education year, houses – till the incoming of cold weather. Besides, the repair and protective works are carried out in the houses needing these works. The special groups were created for this purpose. There is a task of the country’s president that people must be settled to their houses from tents”.

Heydarov also announced the statistic figures on works carried out in Gakh, Zagatala and Balaken regions: “According to reports as of today, the demolitions works are carried out in 2253 houses, foundations of 1615 houses were dug and foundations of 1071 houses were concreted in 3 regions. Laying and tubing works were carried out n 438 houses. The statistics shows that the works are continued as scheduled and will be finished on time”.

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