Emirates Excellence Council the right step, says UAE paper

WAM ABU DHABI, Jun 6th, 2013 (WAM)–On the road to excellence, there is no finishing line. As the UAE ups the ante in its quest to become the most competitive country in government service delivery, it needs to embed excellence in every aspect of governance.

“In this respect, the setting up of the Emirates Excellence Council is a step in the right direction and will infuse a culture of continuous improvement in efficiency standards in bureaucracy,” opines English language local daily, Gulf News, in its editorial on Thursday.

However, it continues, “We live in a world where government service comes with an attitude and sometimes arrogance. Government servants around the world sometimes think they can ignore the public and not take responsibility for service delivery, customer complaints and worst boss around with the public. Accountability and transparency are a far cry in such an environment.” Needless to say, the UAE has changed that a lot by continuously pushing the limits of service excellence and by rewarding those who excel. In this respect, the country is leading by example.

However, despite the UAE’s success in government service delivery, “there is still room for further improvement in coordination among various government departments, especially when the government is taking its e-government platform to the individual’s fingertips on the mobile phone platform through m-government”, the paper adds.

It concludes that the government could also look at improving customer service in the private sector the biggest source of public misery, especially in after-sales services by better regulating it. Besides, some private firms have the tendency to sometimes overcharge customers.



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