Emirates ID receives 250,000 applications for children registration in 33 days

Abu Dhabi: Emirates Identity Authority announced that it has received over 250,000 applications for issuing ID cards to children under 15 years in the last 33 days of the registration deadline of national and resident children across the UAE.

The deadline for children registration expired last Wednesday.

Emirates ID said it received more than 120,000 applications for issuing ID cards for national and resident children under 15 years in the last 10 days of the deadline, which expired on September 30 but was extended for 72 hours, during which it received more than 52,320 applications.

Emirates ID added that in September (i.e. the last month of the one-year children registration deadline), it received applications equal to 3 times the applications received during August and July for issuing ID cards for children under 15 years.

Emirates ID announced the expiry of all registration deadlines of the Emirates and population of the UAE with the exception of the individuals, whose residence visas were issued in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah and would expire before December 31, 2012, and the resident children under 15 years across the UAE whose residence visas would expire before the year-end. These two categories should register in the ID card by the time of renewal of their residence visas.

Emirates ID affirmed that the registration and renewal process went smoothly at all typing centers across the UAE for one full year without denying the relative slowdown on the last day of the deadline at the level of the payment gateway Noqodi of Emaratech, which runs the registration e-form, due to the large numbers of customers who thronged for registration in the last minute. As a result, the Emirates ID announced a 72-hour extension in response to the demands of a large section of parents who could not register their children within the deadline announced in September 2011 in light of the Cabinet’s decision no. 25 issued in the middle of last year.

Emirates ID clarified that its decision to extend the registration of children for 3 days helped the parents of more than 52,320 children avoid delay fees. This reflected the Emirates ID’s keenness on gaining the satisfaction of customers by facilitating their registration and confirmed that priority was given to completing the population register system and ID card project as part of its strategic plan 2010-2013.

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