EnChroma Launches Color Blindness Correcting Eyewear for Pediatrics, Sports and Prescription Markets

Glasses Help Color Blind People See Colors to Overcome Career, Task and Activity Limitations

BERKELEY, California, Dec. 9, 2014 / PRNewswire — EnChroma – the company bringing color to the color blind – today announced a new line of EnChroma Cx eyewear based on prescription-capable polycarbonate (plastic) lenses that enable color blind athletes, children and others to safely engage in any activity while seeing more color. EnChroma Cx glasses provide people with color vision deficiency (CVD) spectral color enhancement in a plastic lens that makes the eyewear a viable option for a huge new base of users.

With%20a%20worldwide%20prevalence%20of%20up%20to%208%25%20in%20males EnChroma Launches Color Blindness Correcting Eyewear for Pediatrics, Sports and Prescription Markets

With a worldwide prevalence of up to 8% in males, many young boys are first diagnosed as color blind in school-mandated vision testing. EnChroma’s new polycarbonate Cx lens and pediatric frame selections bring an important new technology to parents and educators concerned about the connection between academic performance and color vision deficiencies.

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“Color deficient persons do not know what they are missing visually, they are only aware that they have certain career, activity and task limitations,” said Dr. Gary Louie, Doctor of Optometry (OD) of Family Vision Care Optometrics in Union City, California. “EnChroma lenses are much more than sunglasses or cosmetic accessories. They are a unique treatment option that has the potential to improve the life experience of patients in a way they have never experienced before. I encourage all doctors to consider offering this unique technology to their patients.”

EnChroma’s original Cx lens was made with a glass substrate. Polycarbonate-based lenses are the number one lenses recommended by optometrists for children. Polycarbonate is also preferred for use in sports, industrial safety eyewear, and for pediatric ophthalmic lenses due to its superior impact protection and durability.

One in 12 men and one in 233 females have some form of color vision deficiency, of which approximately 80% can be helped by EnChroma eyewear. “For my 60th birthday, my daughter bought me EnChroma glasses,” says Sheila Carter of Georgetown, Texas. “Now I can see that a stop sign is red instead of looking for the white edge around the octagon. I was amazed to see that each leaf on a tree is a slightly different color of green. The more I wear EnChroma, the more I become aware of colors I’ve never seen before.”

“Color blindness is often considered a mild disability, but studies show that over 65% of the 300 million people with CVD say they feel handicapped by it,” said Tony Dykes, CEO of EnChroma. “The number one request we got from the CVD community was to offer EnChroma Cx with a plastic lens so people could get a prescription from their doctor for them. Now we’ve delivered this, and in a higher performing version of our eyewear. We’re proud to help color blind people overcome some of the obstacles color deficiency presents, and to help them enjoy the full spectrum of life.”

New customers can try EnChroma Cx for 30 days risk-free by ordering online at enchroma.com.

About EnChroma
EnChroma is dedicated to positively impacting the lives of the estimated 300 million people worldwide with color vision deficiency. To reach us call 510-497-0048, email info@enchroma.com or visit us online at enchroma.com.


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