EP calls on Tehran to “immediately” release all EU-Iran nationals “unfairly imprisoned”

BRUSSELS, The European Parliament (EP) Thursday condemned the imprisonment of EU-Iranian dual nationals by the Iranian authorities following unfair trails and “confessions extorted using torture.” The EP adopted a resolution calling on Iran to release all those prisoners “unlawfully detained.” It asks Iranian authorities to guarantee the respect of human rights for all prisoners, particularly referring to gaining access to a lawyer of their choice and medical assistance when needed, and urge them to refrain from the use of any torture and inhumane practices.

The resolution calls on the European Commission to establish an internal body in support of EU nationals facing a death sentence or “unfair trials in Iran.” They urge Iranian authorities to cooperate with EU national embassies in Tehran, in order to create a list of EU-Iranian dual nationals currently detained in Iranian prisons, so that their cases can be followed closely.

Source: Kuwait News Agency