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EP cmte calls for ban on child marriages

BRUSSELS, The European Parliament’s (EP) Foreign Affairs committee Wednesday called on the European Union (EU) and third countries to ban child marriages, in a report adopted with 44 votes against 2.

The report notes that some EU Member States still allow marriage at 16 if there is parental consent and ask for a minimum and harmonised marriage age of 18 years.

The EP urges EU Member States to extend the proposed legislation also to migrants and to non-EU citizens living in the EU.

It also asks the European Commission to create a European database, including information from third countries, to monitor forced marriage.

The reports says that lack of respect for women and girls, stereotypes, traditions and honour-based violence are some of the reasons behind child marriage.

The EU must assume a leading role in promoting dialogue with the countries and the communities more affected in order to counter these harmful traditions, it says.

Source: Kuwait News Agency