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EP committee calls for elections in Libya before end of 2018

BRUSSELS, The European Parliament’s (EP) foreign affairs committee discussed Tuesday the situation in Libya and in their recommendation, passed by 45 votes to 0, t called on the EU Council, the European Commission and External Action Service to push for elections being held in Libya by the end of 2018 The committee underlined its strong support for the UN Action Plan for Libya and urged for a transitional arrangement before the elections to strengthen new government’s legitimacy.

It also voiced support for a National Conference being held inside Libya aimed at achieving an agreement between the different Libyan parties on the next steps to complete the transition.

The protection of migrants and refugees in Libya and their conditions in detention centers should be improved and the capacity on search and rescue of people in distress increased, recommended the committee.

The full EP is expected to vote on the final text at its May session in Strasbourg.

Source: Kuwait News Agency