EP Pres. urges Italy to let migrant ship enter its port

BRUSSELS, The president of the European Parliament David Sassoli Friday urged the Italian authorities to let a migrants rescue ship enter an Italian port today.

“Today, my office was in contact with the captain of the Open Arms mission who described conditions on board as scarcely tolerable. The situation has become dramatic,” said Sassoli, in a statement.

“The immigrants have been blocked on the vessel for already 14 days just one kilometre off the port of Lampedusa,” he noted.

“They are now giving up and are inflicting acts of self-harm, while they lose sense of reality. I hope that the Italian authorities understand the gravity of the humanitarian emergency on board the vessel and agree to let them enter the port today,” Sassoli concluded.

The Open Arms, a Spanish rescue ship, has been stuck in the Mediterranean Sea for two weeks with 151 people on board, after being denied entry by Italy and Malta.

Source: Kuwait News Agency