EPA launches project to build anti-pollution stations in Kuwaiti waters

KUWAIT, — The Environment Public Authority (EPA) on Thursday launched a project to build .floating stations to stave off any forms of pollution in territorial waters and detect potential threats Four stations have already been erected to ward off chemical and air pollutants, EPA Chairman Sheikh .Abdullah Ahmad Al-Humoud Al-Sabah told KUNA, adding that a total of 15 stations will be configured shortly Moreover, the EPA Chairman added that once the stations are set up, they would transmit “online” status, signifying their surveillance under EPA apparatuses. These stations will produce alert signals in the event of .an increase in pollution levels, he added Meanwhile, Deputy General Manager of Environmental Inspection Affairs Dr. Mohammad Al-Ahmad noted that as stipulated by the country’s new environmental protection law, EPA is obligated to follow a .comprehensive method to ensure maritime environment protection Furthermore, Al-Ahmad revealed that the total cost of the project was KD 2 million, as the stations are fully .on par with international standards and will be linked to EPA databases Speaking on the significance of the project, EPA official Hamza Karam told KUNA that that the stations will be .set up in all maritime areas nationwide, adding that these devices have been designed to function efficiently He also added that the devices have been equipped with the latest technological breakthroughs to ensure maximal maritime environmental protection.

Source: Kuwait News Agency