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EPAK keen on following up on Climate Change latest developments

Environment Public Authority of Kuwait (EPAK) affirmed on Wednesday its keenness on pursuing the latest developments of United Nation’s (UN) Climate Change conference held in France to limit global warming.

EPAK said in a press statement, that it held a meeting with the Minister of Oil and Higher Education Dr. Mohammad Al-Fares to discuss the latest climate developments on the national, international and regional levels, and to associate it with the sustainable development plan.

During the meeting, Al-Fares highlighted the efforts of EPAK in executing Kuwait’s commitments to the treaty.

They also displayed a visual presentation that showed the prediction of temperature, rain rates in Kuwait and the effect of global warming on Kuwait’s coastline and Islands.

Al-Fares also tackled plans of EPAK with its Chairman Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad Al-Humoud Al-Sabah, including plans and new commitments imposed by the treaty.

Source: Kuwait News Agency