Erdogan: TANAP pipeline turns Turkey into player on energy market

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stated the Azeri-Turkish Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) would turn Tukey into an key player on global energy market.

TANAP pipeline which would transport the Azeri gas to Europe would allow Turkey to play a role in setting the price of global energy, the Turkish president said on the sideline of the inauguration ceremony in the central Turkish city of Eskisehir on Tuesday.

He described the pipeline operation as a historic moment for Turkey and countries of the region.

“We are opening the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline, the backbone of the southern gas corridor, which we call the Silk Road of energy.” In addition to achieving energy security for the involved countries, TANAP would create thousands of job openings and contribute to welfare in the transit countries, he said.

TANAP’s starting capacity of 16 billion cubic meter (bcm) of natural gas, he said, six billion of that would go to Turkey, while 10 billion would go to Europe.

“We aim to increase TANAP’s capacity to 22 bcm based on demand, and to 31 bcm immediately after with additional investments,” he said.

He pointed out that Turkey plan to dispatch the first gas shipment to Greece in June 2019.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Azerbaijan’s president Ilham Aliyev; Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic; Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko; president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Mustafa Akinci.

TANAP is a natural gas pipeline stretching from the Turkish-Georgian border to the Turkish-Greek border to supply natural gas to both Turkey and also European countries.

The 1,850-kilometer pipeline is the largest section of the 3,500-km Southern Gas Corridor, which was inaugurated on May 29 in Baku.

Source: Kuwait News Agency