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EU adopts 79-mn humanitarian aid package for Yemen

BRUSSELS, The European Commission Thursday adopted a 79 million euro (USD 87 million) package to support Yemen and help to sustain public services, health, education, and private sector.

EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica said in a press release, “Yemen is a country torn by conflict and ravaged by violence, but it is also a country full of resilience and entrepreneurship”.

“In addition to the EU’s humanitarian assistance to the people of Yemen, investing in development is crucial,” he said.

With today’s package, EU development assistance to crisis-affected populations in Yemen amounts to 323 million euro (USD 357 million) since the beginning of the crisis in 2015, the press release added.

It noted that the conclusion of the agreement between the Government of Yemen and the Southern Transitional Council reached in Riyadh on 5 November under the auspices of Saudi Arabia is an important step towards de-escalation and peace for Yemen and for the region. ” The European Union encourages the signatory parties to seize this window of opportunity to resume work under the auspices of the United Nations, ensuring the involvement of all Yemenis in the de-escalation and reconciliation process,” it stressed .

It added that the conflict in Yemen has resulted in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Current levels of hunger, poverty and spread of preventable diseases are unprecedented.

Source: Kuwait News Agency