EU calls for “effective civilian government” in Sudan

BRUSSELS, The European Union (EU) on Monday said that “only an effective civilian-led government” with real decision-making authority will gain the confidence of the Sudanese people and lay the foundations for meaningful reforms.

This was expressed in a statement released by EU foreign ministers who are meeting here today .

“In order to guarantee the long-term stability of the country, the transition should include all elements of society, notably women, youth and people of regions particularly affected by conflict and marginalisation,” it noted.

The statement stressed that “Sudan’s success remains crucial for stability in the Horn of Africa and the wider region.” While welcoming the recent steps taken by the transition government, the statement said that “the EU remains concerned by the deteriorating humanitarian situation, which has been aggravated by a high number of refugees and internally displaced persons. ” The EU called upon the Sudanese authorities to remove the remaining bureaucratic obstacles facing humanitarian and development actors.

Source: Kuwait News Agency