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EU energy ministers agree to store hydrogen as future energy

VIENNA, European Union energy ministers agreed on Tuesday to explore hydrogen as an energy in the future.

This came at the conclusion of their meeting in the Austrian city of Linz after they had discussed several energy topics for two days. Speaking at the meeting, Austrian energy minister Elizabeth Kostinger said Austria submitted to EU energy ministers the hydrogen initiative, which attracted several member states, organizations and companies.

It is a big challenge to be able to use renewable energy at those times when the sun is not shining, the water level is low or the wind is not blowing, he said.

She referred that energy storage solutions are crucial in order to stock energy and to store it in the case of overproduction.

The initiative calls for member states, companies and organizations to enhance cooperation on research into the potential for hydrogen use as a future energy, she added.

She noted that Linz, which hosted the meeting of the EU’s council of energy ministers, is currently building one of the most modern hydrogen plant in Europe.

The initiative aims to boost cooperation in all Europe on the use of renewable hydrogen, she pointed out.

Meanwhile, EU energy and climate chief Miguel Arias Canete welcomed the initiative on the green hydrogen, saying that it offers significant potential for the decarburization of the European economy.

Source: Kuwait News Agency