EU: Iraqi invasion of Kuwait underlines necessity of global unity

The European Union stated Tuesday that the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, three decades ago, and the current Russian military operation in Ukraine underline necessity of a global united stand against violations of international law.

“The lesson from the invasion of Kuwait and the invasion of Ukraine is that only if the international community joins forces, it can withstand and push back on the reckless disregard for territorial integrity and sovereignty of countries and disregard for the international rules and violation of the UN Charter,” EU lead spokesperson for foreign affairs and security policy, Peter Stano, told KUNA, in an exclusive statement.

He further noted that, “Such acts have to be encountered with determination of the entire international community because if not, the rule of law would be replaced by the rule of the gun.” “In such a world no one would be safe from the territorial and imperial ambitions of those reckless actors. The lesson also is that each injustice is eventually reversed and punished. There cannot be impunity and there needs to be accountability for the violations and crimes committed, “stated the EU spokesperson.

Stano added that, “In order to prevent such reckless acts from happening again, aggressors have to be stopped very early on, as soon as there are signs of their violent intentions,” The top EU spokesperson commented saying, “they have to be stopped in a collective effort by the international community, when all countries that respect and value the rules join forces because prevention is always cheaper than dealing with the destructive aftermath afterwards,”

Source: Kuwait News Agency