EU seeks to boost cooperation with third countries on return of migrants

BRUSSELS, European Union Home affairs ministers discussed a European Commission proposal on the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (EBCG).

Dimitris Avramopoulos, EU Commissioner in charge of migration and interior Affairs, told a press conference after the meeting in Luxembourg Friday evening that the ministers expressed their general wish to strengthen the mandate of the EBCG, in particular on returns of illegal migrants and cooperation with third countries.

He stressed that the enforced border and coast guards will not take over the national responsibility to protect the Union’s external borders.

On his part, Herbert Kickl, Austrian Minister of the Interior told the joint press conference that “they all want to see a rapid and practical reinforcement of the border and coast guards.

Now, obviously, the agency requires the relevant mandate for that and they had very had very intensive discussions today to what concrete from that could take.” Austria holds the current EU Presidency.

Source: Kuwait News Agency