EU voices “great concern” over Iran’s regional role

BRUSSELS, The European Union (EU) has “great concerns” over Iran’s role in increasing tensions in the region, including in Syria and Yemen, a senior EU official said Friday.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, also voiced concern over Iran’s ballistic missile programme.

He noted in a press statement that EU Foreign Ministers will discuss Iran’s nuclear programme as well as Iran’s regional policies during their meeting in Luxembourg on Monday and added that the 28 EU foreign ministers will discuss the “wider picture” on Iran.

The situation in Syria tops the agenda of the EU ministerial meeting on Monday, said the official, and repeated the EU’s conviction that the Syrian regime is responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Douma at the weekend.

The official, however, refused to comment on the EU position when asked about a possible military strike against Syria. He stressed that there is no military but only a political solution to the Syrian crisis and regretted that the Syrian regime is not engaging in the political process.

Further, the ministers will exchange views on the EU’s relations with Russia, one month on from the Russian presidential elections. They will discuss the latest developments in the aftermath of the Salisbury attack.

Source: Kuwait News Agency