FIFA’s And Asian Football Federation Presidents Visit Iraq

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has invited the heads of the FIFA’s president and Asian Football Federation, Infantino and Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim, to visit Iraq on the 27th of this month to attend the Iraq-Kuwait friendly match, which will be held in Basra at the Nakhle (Palm) stadium.

An informed source told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that the ministry received preliminary approval for the attendance of the President of the International Federation and developed an integrated program to receive him and attend the international match, where the visit of the FIFA President will be historic for Iraq and to see the sports facilities that Iraq recently completed.

He indicated that the president of the AFC, who had previously visited Basra in the friendly match against the Saudi national team, would repeat his visit in the Kuwaiti-Iraq match, while the delegation of the Gulf Cup Federation would also visit Iraq on the twenty-fourth of this month to see the main stadiums nominated to host the Gulf 25 planned in Basra.

He pointed out that the Gulf delegation will also attend the friendly match between the national team and the Kuwaiti team on the 27th of this month, pointing out that the Minister of Youth and Sports has formed a special committee to receive the two Gulf delegations and the delegation accompanying the President of the International Federation and the committee is working continuously to organize a distinguished reception befitting the visitors.

It is noteworthy that the Minister of Youth and Sports, Adnan Darajal, stated earlier that Basra is ready to embrace the Gulf Arab 25 and that there is nothing to worry about us in completing the hosting file.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency