FNC to mark 41st anniversary on Tuesday

FNC to mark 41st anniversary on Tuesday
2013-02-10 11:04:32

WAM Abu Dhabi, Feb 10th, 2013 (WAM) — The Federal National Council (FNC) will mark its 41st anniversary on Tuesday, as one of the fifth constitutional Authority witnessing the development of the march of parliamentary life in the country and contributing in promoting the political participation in the decision-making process.

The FNC since its foundation in 1972, helped effectively in the overall sustainable development through practicing its legislative, monitoring and political role and discussing the citizens’ issues, their needs as well as enhancing investment in human resource development and infrastructure. It also adopted national issues in various parliamentary events, launching objective initiatives aimed at supporting GCC, Arab and international parliamentary work, thanks to the support of the wise leadership and the citizens’ keenness to participate in the march of building and development.

The experience managed to present a special model in the democratic practices, where the march of parliamentary participation and work in the UAE, characterized by awareness was derived after keeping the country’s needs, and highlighted clearly the great achievements in empowering the FNC, especially as its foundation coincided with the beginning of the Union’s march by its founders, who exerted efforts and time to make it successful.


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