Foreign Secretary visits Tobruk, Libya

The Foreign Secretary met Agila Saleh and Ahmied Homa, the President amp; second vice-President of Libya’s Parliament � the House of Representatives. In this meeting, Mr Johnson emphasised the importance of Libya’s legitimate political institutions working together to break the impasse and restore security, stability, and prosperity in Libya.

After this meeting, the Foreign Secretary visited Tobruk Commonwealth War Cemetery, which is the final resting place of over 2,000 Commonwealth soldiers. Mr Johnson also laid a wreath at the Cemetery’s memorial and visited the Cemetery’s Guest room, which contains artefacts commemorating Britain’s role in Libya during the Second World War.

Today’s visit followed the Foreign Secretary’s meetings in Tripoli yesterday with the Libyan Prime Minister Fayyez Al-Serraj and Foreign Minister Mohamed Siala. He also met with Abdurrahman Swehli the President of Libya’s High State Council.

Speaking after the visit to Tobruk, the Foreign Secretary said:

In my meetings in Tobruk I have stressed to the Presidency of Libya’s House of Representatives the importance of working with Prime Minister Serraj and Libya’s High State Council to break the political deadlock and bring renewed hope for the people of Libya.

A more secure, stable and prosperous future for Libya can only be restored when their leaders choose to work together in the interests of the Libyan people.

Source: United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office.