Former Iraqi PM rejects to form gov’t

BAGHDAD, Former Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi refused on Sunday to form the government after Premier Adel Abdul-Mahdi had submitted his resignation.

On his Twitter account, Al-Abadi said he would not be a party in terms obtaining posts in this phase, calling for naming an independent candidate to form the government, which can gain the people’s confidence.

He added that he would continue defending the country’s interest, out of the national responsibility not through obtaining posts, which he rejected last year.

Al-Abadi’s move came after another largest parliamentary bloc supported by Muqtada Al-Sadr had also announced that it gave up the post.

The Iraqi parliament on Sunday agreed on turning Abdul-Mahdi’s government as a caretaker.

It is supposed that Iraqi President Barham Salih will assign a candidate from the largest parliamentary bloc to form the new government, but the Iraqi people reject any candidate of any parties at this time.

The Iraqi people have been staging protests in several cities for some weeks, mainly the capital, calling for combating corruption, creating new jobs and improving poor services.

Source: Kuwait News Agency