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France concerned over report on Iranian weapons to Yemen’s Houthis

France on Monday expressed concern after a UN report concluded that Iran was not respecting an embargo on weapons’ supplies to Yemen, despite a UN Security Council resolution banning such activities.

The UN report noted that Iran is “not in conformity with the arms embargo imposed by (UNSC) resolution 2216,” which was adopted in 2015.

France “condemned the grave failures of the Iranian authorities” to respect obligations under the UNSC resolution, a Foreign Ministry statement said here.

It added that Iran had “not taken all necessary measures to stop the direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer of missiles and their components” to Yemeni Houthis supported by Tehran.

Iran also failed to halt delivery of drones to individuals or parties under UN sanction, “in particular the Houthis,” Paris added.

The Houthi rebels have used missiles to attack Saudi Arabia on several occasions but such attacks were thwarted by air defence systems.

“France has several times condemned the firing of ballistic missiles operated by the Houthis, aimed at Saudi territory and maritime traffic in the Red Seat,” the Foreign Ministry said, remarking that these actions were “a source of destabilisation for the whole region.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency