France condemns new Israeli settlement plans in West Bank

PARIS, France on Thursday issued a strong statement condemning Israel for new settlement plans in the West Bank and warning that these plans violated international law and recently adopted UN resolutions.

Israeli authorities on December 24-25 approved 2,191 new housing units in Israeli settlements in the West Bank, where such settlements are illegal.

“France condemns this decision which contributes to an extension of settlements in the West Bank,” the French Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“Settlement-building is contrary to international law as affirmed by United Nations Resolution 2334,” the statement stressed.

It also warned that settlements “reduce the conditions for a two-State solution, both on the ground and in the mind,” adding that a two-State solution “is itself the only way to ensure a lasting and just peace between Israelis and Palestinians and ease tensions” between the two sides.

“We therefore call on the Israeli authorities to reconsider these decisions,” Paris said.

Source: Kuwait News Agency