France firm on supporting Iraq – FM

French Foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian affirmed Tuesday his country’s commitment and support to Iraq until the country revives and prosper, noting that France will stand by Iraq just like it did during its fight against terrorism.

The minister made his remarks during (Invest in Iraq) conference, in a speech on the reconstruction of Iraq, adding that the rebuilding process will be huge and difficult, but voiced optimism with Iraq’s ability to recover and improve due to its immense resources and human capabilities.

Le Drian also said Iraq can stand on its feet and achieve national reconciliation and begin the reconstruction process, but taking into account the social and humanitarian aspect of it, stressing a comprehensive reconstruction process that should not neglect any populated area in Iraq.

The minister said that France would meet all requirements by standing with Iraq, as well as providing soft loans, adding France will contribute to support infrastructure, especially in the field of energy and water.

La Drian pointed out that after emergency humanitarian assistance and stability, “we must rely on a diversified economy through the private sector,” noting that French companies are actively involved with a number of investors in a number of areas, hoping that this will result in good relations.

“We believe we have received positive signals from the Iraqi government,” La Drian said, adding that France is ready to proudly stand by Iraq to contribute in the reconstruction process.

Source: Kuwait News Agency