France, Germany, UK call on Iran to fully comply with nuclear deal

PARIS, France, UK and Germany have called on Iran to return to full compliance with its commitment in the nuclear deal.

In a Joint statement late Sunday, the three countries urge Iran to reverse all measures inconsistent with the agreement and return to full compliance; as they call on Tehran to refrain from “further violent actions,” saying, “We remain ready to engage with Iran on this agenda in order to preserve the stability of the region.” The countries expressed deep concern at the actions taken by Iran in violation of its commitments since July 2019; stressing these actions must be reversed.

They also said “diplomacy should address our shared concerns about Iran’s destabilizing regional activities, including those linked to its missile programme.

“We reiterate our readiness to continue our engagement for de-escalation and stability in the region,” the statement added.

The three European countries signed the nuclear deal with Iran in 2015 along with United States, Russia and china. US President Donald Trump withdrew from this agreement in 2018.

Source: Kuwait News Agency