France grants asylum to 31 Iraqi Yazidis families

PARIS, France announced on Thursday that it was granting asylum to another 31 Iraqi Yazidi families who had been persecuted by so-called Islamic State (IS) during their capture.

The refugees were flown today to Paris from Irbil in Iraqi Kurdistan and the latest batch of arrivals follows the acceptance of 44 other Yazidi families here between December 2018 and May 2019, the French Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The female Yazidis and their children arriving in France are dispersed throughout the country and receive “protection, security, education and medical-social follow-up,” the statement added.

The Yazidi women were particularly scarred by their captivity under IS, which France described as an abusive “terrorist organisation”.

Paris said that it was continuously working with Iraqi authorities on the asylum issue but also in re-establishing proper living conditions in Iraq for those who suffered under the short-lived reign of so-called Islamic State in the region.

Source: Kuwait News Agency