France welcomes UN sanctions against human traffickers in Libya

France on Friday welcomed the adoption by the UN Security Council of a series of individual sanctions against people involved in the trafficking of humans and the trafficking of immigrants in Libya, a statement said.

The Foreign Ministry said that the UNSC decision was taken after an initiative by Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who had pushed for punitive measures against traffickers.

In welcoming the move, Paris said that sanctions would help “improve the international response to the migratory crisis” in which tens of thousands are believed to have died while trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. Many of the migrants left from Libya on ill-fitted vessels having paid traffickers large amounts of money to facilitate their passage.

The UN Security Council decision was agreed unanimously and will bolster efforts to fight trafficking, which France noted “threatens the stability of Libya, its neighbours and the Euro-Mediterranean area,” in addition to causing massive human misery.

The Foreign Ministry noted, however, that a “lasting and credible response to the migratory crisis” will only come through an “inclusive political solution” in Libya, as sought in the Paris Conference held between some of the major protagonists on May 29.

Source: Kuwait News Agency