French FM stresses Kashmir region belongs to Pakistan, India

PARIS, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian stressed, Tuesday in a phone call with his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahood Qureshi, that the disputed Jammu-e-Kashmir region “belongs to the two countries,” both Pakistan and India.

Le Drian discussed in a telephone conversation the developments since India unilaterally withdrew Kashmir’s special status some weeks ago and decided it would rule the troubled area directly from New Delhi, the Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement.

Le Drian told Qureshi that the position of France on the dual sovereignty over Kashmir was “constant.” He urged India and Pakistan “to resolve this dispute with a view to installing a lasting peace” and he called on the two nations to use “their bilateral political dialogue” to settle the issue.

“France calls on the parties to show restraint, to de-escalate and to calm the situation,” the Foreign Ministry said.

“It is essential to refrain from any measure likely to aggravate tensions,” the statement added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency