French FM warns of “explosive” situation in Mideast

PARIS, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on warned Tuesday that the situation in the Middle East was “explosive” and was not being helped by the decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, or by the decision of Washington to withdraw from the 2015 Vienna nuclear accord with Iran.

“France has clearly expressed its disagreement with these two decisions,” he told a session of Parliament.

“Violence speaks, war could be threatening. We knew the month of May would be dangerous (and) it is,” he told deputies.

Le Drian again defended the nuclear accord with Iran, whereby Tehran would halt its controversial nuclear programs that could have produced a weapon, in exchange for a lifting of international sanctions.

“We have a fundamental disagreement (with the US) because the nuclear accord is an agreement which protects us, which guarantees non-proliferation and therefore our security,” the minister affirmed.

He also underlined the basic disagreement with the US decision on Jerusalem because the status of that city was to be decided through negotiations and not pre-empted by any single party.

“We disagree on the method used because in the two cases, the United States decided to act in a unilateral manner,” Le Drian pointed out.

He said the timing of the US decision was not good and came when “the Middle East is faced with enough tension, with terrorism and a multiplication of crises and a blockage in the peace process”.

Nonetheless, Le Drian said France would continue to push for political solutions in the various crises and is prepared to continue to host conferences and gatherings to further those goals.

Source: Kuwait News Agency