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GCC Secretary General, Yemeni FM discuss latest developments in Yemen

GCC Secretary General Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani and Yemeni Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Yamani held a meeting in the Saudi capital Monday, discussing the latest developments in Yemen.

The meeting focused on the legitimate Yemeni government’s efforts to enforce security in Yemen and the most suitable methods to kick start reconstruction in the war torn country, said the GCC Secretariat.

The gathering also touched on the humanitarian situation in Yemen and efforts carried out by both sides to meet the humanitarian demands in Yemen.

The GCC Chief and Yemeni FM affirmed that official humanitarian reports on Yemen were key to address the situation with care and proficiency, indicating that documents which lacked credibility would run counter to efforts to help the Yemeni people.

Meanwhile, Al-Zayani congratulated Foreign Minister Al-Yamani on attaining his new post, wishing him the best of luck during his tenure.

Source: Kuwait News Agency