Geagea to Rai newspaper: Any “Lebanese Doha” will be destructive

Lebanese Forces head, Samir Geagea, voiced refusal to any possible resort to another Doha accord or “Lebanese Doha” as such an accord would come to surpass the Constitution and institutions, saying that he had been against original Doha and would reject any other new accord similar to it as it “will be destructive.”

Geagea’s stance came Wednesday in the context of an interview with Kuwaiti Al Rai newspaper.

He explained that surpassing the Constitution and institutions via the resort to another Doha accord would mean announcing in a way or another the “death of them.”

Geagea stressed that Hezbollah was derailing the process of said election, indicating that such matter “was clear especially after we announced General Michel Aoun as candidate.”

He said that the Lebanese Forces was negotiating with the Future over the adoption of the candidacy of General Aoun to presidency in order to surpass Hezbollah’s derailment, indicating that Hezbollah “doesn’t want him [Aoun] to become president.”

Source: National News Agency