German FM flies to Libya to convince Haftar attend Berlin meeting

BERLIN, Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas flew to Benghazi Thursday for talks with General Khalifa Haftar, commander of Libya National Army, to discuss enforcement of a ceasefire in east of the country, and his participation in a meeting on Libya due in Berlin next Sunday.

The foreign ministry said in a statement Maas was paying this visit at the behest of the European Union Foreign Ministers as part of their efforts to bring about success for the Berlin meeting.

The meeting will feature participation of the US, Russia, China, Turkey, France, Italy, Algeria, the UAE, Egypt and UN.

Maas said success of the Berlin meeting required participation of the warring parties in Libya.

The meeting, he added, was possibly the best opportunity in years to launch a political process in Libya.

The German government has been consultations with many parties for months, he said, in order to stop flow of arms into Libya. “And in order to achieve this, Germany called for the high level international conference next Sunday,” he added.

Maas hoped the two warring parties in Libya seize this opportunity and abide by the ceasefire in order to pave way for a Libyan-led political process.

Source: Kuwait News Agency