KUWAIT, – Germany has become the number one destination for Kuwaiti tourists, in the 2016 recreational summer season; with Switzerland and Austria ranking second, according to travel agents.

However, new favoured leisure destinations have recently appeared on the Kuwaitis’ external tourist map; namely Bosnia, Bulgaria and Georgia.

This season’s booking duration has ranged between three weeks and one month, mostly in the post Eid Al-Fitr time. Coincidence of the summer season with Al-Fitr has encouraged many holidaymakers to choose remote countries, such as Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Gulf countries, London and Turkey are being selected for short vacations, ranging between three and 10 days.

Sami Abulso’ud, manager of a travel agency, said in an interview with KUNA, the top favoured destinations for the Kuwaitis this summer are Europe, Turkey and east Asian countries, affirming that Bosnia-Herzegovina is also in the list, due to its attractive nature, moderate weather, reasonable prices and visa-free entry.

Fall of the Holy Month of Ramadan in the summer vacation, has compelled the travel agents to alter standing policies and measures, such as compelling travellers to pay fares 45 days in advance.

Moreover, he opines that online booking has also negatively affected the business, significantly trimming profits.

For his part, Ramsis Ahmad Abu Shanab, another travel businessman, says, many Kuwaitis, looking for fine weather and panoramic scenery, are favouring Bulgaria. And, the travel agencies are interacting with the clients’ desire by organising direct flights between Kuwait and Sofia.

Kamal Kabsha, a tourism expert, said, a number of citizens have chosen Dubai, Istanbul and Salah for the Eid vacation.

Source: Name News Network