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Germany pleased with results of Yemenis’ conciliation talks

BERLIN, Germany on Friday praised outcome of inter-Yemeni peace talks as an initial step on the path toward attaining security and stability in the war-torn nation.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said in a statement that the “peace consultations,” held under UN’s aegis, constituted a preliminary, yet crucial, move on the road for restoring peace to Yemen.

The weekly-long discussions, hosted by Sweden, wrapped up on Thursday with concord on a series of issues, namely a truce and prisoners’ swap.

The agreement is a significant step toward restoring confidence between the warring parties, Maas said.

Now, the most crucial issue is implementation of the deal so that humanitarian aid can reach all regions in Yemen.

Kuwait, along with other regional countries, had played a role in ensuring logistics for the conferees. The country had also dispatched a chain of humanitarian convoys to the needy in the troubled country.

Source: Kuwait News Agency