Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar and GCC Secretary General partake in the 12th Arab Media Forum

WAM Dubai, 24th April 2013 (WAM) – The Arab Media Forum (AMF) organizing committee has announced today that the 12th Arab Media Forum, which will be held under the patronage of Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and run from 14th to 15th May, is to feature two of the most prominent figures in the Arab and Islamic world as key speakers at the Forum: the Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar,Dr. Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayeb,and the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for the Arab States of the Gulf,Dr. Abdul Latif bin Rashid Al Zayani.

Chairperson of the Arab Media Forum (AMF) organizing committee and the Director General of the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO) Mona Ghanim Al Marri affirmed that the participation of such significant Arab figures will add more importance to the Forum, given the key position of the Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar as a beacon of knowledge and an exemplary model of Islamic moderation, and due to the strategic value and political, economic and social importance of the Gulf Cooperation Council as an umbrella for cooperation and integration in the region.

Al Marri went on to explain that, since its launch in 2001, the Forum has been keen on attracting the most influential figures in the Arab milieu as well as the world’s most prominent intellects as part of its strategy to enrich discussions, drawing from the vast expertise, experience and visions of such Arab figures who will heighten the Forum’s value as a platform where balanced and constructive discussions are held, dealing with issues of concern to our society, forming the bulk of the media content, and contributing to shaping its trends and future.

Al Marri further noted that the invitation of both Dr. Al Tayeb and Al Zayani to the Forum came to conform with the agenda of the Forum, running under the theme “Arab Media in Transition”, which aims to shed light on the political and socio-economic changes in the MENA region and their direct impact on the media landscape in the Arab world.

Dr. Al Tayeb will deliver the inaugural speech at the main session of the Arab Media Forum (AMF) 2013; whereas Al Zayani will give the opening speech at the AMF’s second main session, which will be hosted by Al-Arabiya Channel presenter, Turki Al-Dakhil.

Al Marri pointed out that over the past eleven successful editions, the Forum was keen to adopt the principle of “excellence”, following the example of Dubai and UAE; hence, constantly striving to establish such principle in all its discussions and debates, both in terms of the choice of the subjects and the nomination of the best speakers who will deal with such topics professionally and objectively based on their experience, knowledge and expertise, in addition to providing the required logistics and technical support for the Forum’s media persons and guests from the region and beyond.

Last year, the Arab Media Forum 2012 themed �Arab Media: Exposure and Transition’ discussed the effect of political turmoil on the media industry in the Arab world, highlighted by the outcomes of the fourth Arab Media Outlook (2011 – 2015) which reviewed changes in the media landscape in 17 Arab countries.

The 11th edition of the Arab Media Forum discussion panels saw the participation of 70 experts and the attendance of over 3,800 media persons from Arab and foreign countries.


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