“Great March of Return” to continue until “Nakba” – Palestinian official

GAZA, The “Great March of Return” protests will continue until the 70th anniversary of “Nakba” or “Catastrophe,” which falls on May 15, said deputy of the coordinative committee the march Essam Hammad on Friday.

The march will go on to that date until it achieves all goals, he told KUNA in a statement.

He affirmed that the march would proceed even if it remains for long until the Israeli occupation makes sure that the Palestinian people are adhering to their national principles “and will not give up them.” The march includes several representatives from many bodies like civil society organizations and legal agencies in order to help put international pressures on Israel to achieve the right of return of Palestinians, he noted.

Hammad pointed out that the goal of the march is to affirm the right of return of Palestinians in accordance with the paragraph 11 of the UN resolution 194, indicating that the march has achieved several goals, mainly the unification of the Palestinian people.

He noted that the protests helped the Palestinian issue and the right of the return of land occupied in 1948 to come to the forefront.

The “Great March of Return” has been launching since March 30, the 42nd anniversary of Land Day, and will continue until the 70th anniversary of Nakba on May 15.

Source: Kuwait News Agency