Houthis fire two ballistic missiles towards Saudi Arabia – coalition

RIYADH, Saudi-led Arab coalition said Sunday Iranian-backed Houthi militias fired two ballistic missiles in the direction of Saudi Arabia but the two rockets fell inside Yemeni territories.

Cololen Turki Al-Malki, spokesman of the coalition supporting legitimate leadership in Yemen, said the Houthis fired the two ballistic missiles from a civilian area in Omran district but they crashed in the governorate of Hejja.

He was quoted by the Saudi press agency as lambasting the Houthis for their relentless violations of international humanitarian law because they were firing ballistic missiles towards populated areas.

He said the coalition’s joint command was taking every measure to destroy these missiles to protect civilians inside Yemen.

Meanwhile, Al-Malki said the coalition intercepted a drone launched by the Houthis from Sanaa.

He said the coalition was adopting rules of engagement to prevent civilians any threats posed by the Houthis.

Source: Kuwait News Agency