Houthis’ hostilities torpedo Hodeidah deal – Yemeni FM

ADEN, An agreement signed in Stockholm last year aimed at restoring operations and normal life in Hodeidah is not feasible due to recent military escalation by Houthis, Yemeni Foreign Minister Mohammad Al-Hadhrami said.

“Ongoing military escalation by the Houthi militias while UN envoy was present in Sanaa is undermining the agreement in Sweden and the calmness in Hodeidah, as well as all peace efforts,” Al-Hadhrami was quoted by Saba news agency as saying early Friday.

The Houtis, he added, were preparing for war and reinforcing their front lines.

“This situation cannot continue this way and the recent military escalation by the Houthis is torpedoing all peace efforts,” he added.

Government forces and Iranian-backed Houthi militias have been fighting in eastern Sanaa and other provices since last Friday. But the hostilities escalated since a rocket attack against a mosque of a military training camp in Maareb, which killed 111 government troops and injured dozens others.

Source: Kuwait News Agency