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ICRC completes amputee rehab center in Iraq’s Mosul

IRBIL, The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has opened a new rehabilitation facility to provide proper physical therapy for amputees in the war-torn Iraqi city of Mosul.

The medical center caters to people with disabilities and wearers of prosthetic limbs, ICRC said in a statement on Sunday.

Given the scope of devastation in Iraq’s northern Nineveh governorate, where the infrastructure and healthcare sector lie in ruin, amputees have no choice but to seek “urgent medical attention” elsewhere, the ICRC’s rehabilitation program said in a statement.

“The program encompasses 4,500 people amputees in Nineveh governorate,” the director of the rehab facility Dr. Laith Al-Hajjar revealed.

The new medical center is a major step towards restoring some normalcy back to the lives of people who have suffered an amputation, Katharina Ritz, the head of ICRC’s delegation in Iraq, said.

Kuwait has given copious amounts of aid to Iraq in recent years, in efforts to assist its larger neighbor to revive its ailing healthcare sector.

Source: Kuwait News Agency