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ID4Africa Appoints Ambassadors from a Record 43 African Countries; Announces the First Annual Ambassadors’ Summit and the ID4Africa Identity Council

NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ID4Africa announced today the appointment of Ambassadors from 43 African nations for its 2019 Ambassador Class. Up from 29 countries in 2018, this expansion reflects a strong endorsement from the African Governments of the ID4Africa Ambassadors Program, and a clear recognition of the importance of the evolving role the Ambassadors play. The 2019 class covers the entire continent including Northern Africa, and Africa’s sovereign islands.

I’m excited to see the Program become the largest institutionalized body for south-south cooperation around identity matters in Africa, and that the role of the Ambassadors continues to evolve in significant ways,” commented Dr. Joseph J. Atick, Executive Chairman of ID4Africa. He continued: “While they currently act as key liaisons between the Movement and their countries, they have also become a thought leadership body that can provide Pan-African guidance and promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge among the represented countries.

In supporting the Ambassadors’ expanded role, ID4Africa is launching the first annual Ambassadors’ Summit at its 5th Annual Meeting in Johannesburg, 18-20 June 2019. The Summit is open only to the Ambassadors and members of the ID4Africa Advisory Board. This first meeting will define the responsibilities and priorities of this collective group, called the ID4Africa Identity Council.

The ID4Africa Ambassadors are senior-level government officials (appointed one per country) that work for government identity stakeholders in their country. They are key drivers within the Movement who serve to maintain active collaboration between ID4Africa and the identity stakeholders and influence the agenda and direction of the Movement. Collectively, through the ID4Africa Identity Council, they will also provide guidance and support of the decision-making process for developing Pan-African identity ecosystems.

ID4Africa now has Ambassadors in the following 43 countries:

Algeria D.R. Congo Madagascar Senegal
Benin Eswatini Malawi Sierra Leone
Botswana Ethiopia Mali Somalia
Burkina Faso Gabon Morocco South Africa
Burundi Gambia Mauritania South Sudan
Cameroon Ghana Mauritius Tanzania
Cape Verde Guinea Namibia Togo
Central African Republic Guinea Bissau Niger Tunisia
Chad Kenya Nigeria Uganda
Cote d’Ivoire Lesotho Rwanda Zambia
Djibouti Liberia São Tomé and Príncipe

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