India, Pakistan tension over Kashmir garners UNSC, int’l community attention

NEW YORK, The increasing tension between Pakistan and India over Jammu and Kashmir — especially with the latter abrogating the 370 article of constitution, which gave special status to the region — had garnered attention by the international community, leading to an upcoming meeting by the UNSC to discuss the urgent matter.

While reports pointed at New Delhi’s measures to disrupt communication in the region and restricting freedoms, Islamabad took a decision to suspended economic ties and expel the Indian Ambassador from Pakistani soil.

Members of the UNSC, who have strong connection with both nations, recognized the importance of the matter. Pakistan had called for a session to discuss the grave matter — a request, which was backed up by China.

It would be expected that most members of the UNSC would call for decreasing tensions between Indian and Pakistan and try to find a solution before matters get worse.

Pakistani and Indian troops have been reported to have exchanged fire over the line of control border point. The leaders in both countries also exchanged blame over the current status quo.

Pakistan criticized India for what it deemed as numerous human rights violations since the constitutional decision was taken, while the latter affirmed that the step was a national matter that Islamabad should not be concerned with.

On August eighth, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called on all involved parties in the crisis to practice restraint and find a solution to the issue.

Pakistan had sent three messages, through its foreign ministry, to Guterres in early August to lament the deteriorating situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

It is said that UNSC members were gearing towards a closed session to discuss the matter more transparently amongst them to avoid the spotlight and more tension between India and Pakistan in the case of an opened meeting.

Source: Kuwait News Agency