International conference reviews results of UAE National Values Survey

WAM Dubai, Feb 05th, 2013 (WAM)–Action for Happiness, an organisation involved in creating a happier society, at its recent international conference in London in collaboration with “The Barrett Values Centre” reviewed the results of the UAE National Values Survey, which highlighted the strength and harmony of the UAE society despite its diverse nature.

Dherar Belhoul, Director General of “Watani”, who attended part of the conference, said the interest of the international bodies in reviewing the UAE experience in the field of community values is indicative of the prestigious status occupied by the UAE in achieving welfare and happiness of its citizens and residents. The results of this survey are to be added to UAE’s achievements, as they have contributed to raising the UAE flag in a new international forum.

He added that this distinction for the UAE is the result of the country’s wise leadership which has strived since the inception of the union to raise the happiness level of its citizens, who in turn have been loyal to the country and leadership, as shown by the positive outcomes of the survey.

The survey was carried by the Public Opinions Studies Centre “RAYAK” and The Barrett Values Centre, a specialist in conducting such surveys globally.

Belhoul said such surveys help decision-makers and leaders to take appropriate decisions, which are based on in-depth knowledge and clarity about the general direction of society’s values, in turn positively affecting the country and its citizens.

He also explained that the UAE has overtaken many advanced countries in positive social values, which are attributed to the principles of Islam and Arab values that dominate UAE society. These values are based on love and kindness which have enabled the UAE society to live in harmony and peace despite the great diversity of the number of nationalities residing in the country.

The survey, covered 4,096 individuals from different segments of the community, 57 per cent of whom were UAE nationals and 43 per cent expatriates and comprised 54 per cent male and 46 per cent female participants.

The UAE was one of two countries among 18 countries, where the survey was conducted, that had all positive values in its top ten current values, indicating that people in the UAE are highly satisfied with the current situation in the country.

A number of values such Ethics, Concern for Future Generations, Respect and Family have been perceived as extremely important to people in the UAE. Interestingly, these values came as top values among all demographics and in personal, current and desired lists of values.

These values represent the key values that people in the UAE wish to continuously see upheld in the nation as they constitute the foundation WAM/MN

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