Iran calls for identifying, preserving interests in nuke deal

TEHRAN, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday demanded the frank determination and persrvation of his country’s interests within the framework of the nuclear agreement.

Rouhani’s call came one day after US President Donald Trump had announced his country’s withdrawal from the deal.

Iranian interests in general JCPOA-related issues including oil sales, investments, banking relations and insurance should be clearly safeguarded, local media quoted Rouhani as saying during a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron late today.

He said that experts and foreign ministers of Iran and European countries should study issues pertaining to maintain the nuclear deal and make a clear and transparent decision on JCPOA in a short period of time.

“If we make a clear decision on the JCPOA, we can witness a wide-scale interaction between Iran and Europe,” he said, according to Iran news agency (IRNA).

“Today, we have a historic responsibility towards the JCPOA and history will prove in the future that Trump made a big mistake,” he added.

Regrettably, the EU lost a four-month chance which can be used for maintaining the JCPOA, instead of spending it on convincing the US new administration to perserve the deal, he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Macron expressed his regret over Trump’s decision on scrapping the deal and said that the European states in a collective reaction announced their protest against the move.

He noted that Trump’s decision sparked controversy inside the US, stressing the necessity of preserving the deal and abidance of all parties to it. He said the EU would strive for maintaining the deal.

Trump announced Tuesday in a televised speech the withdrawal from the nuclear deal and the resumption of economic sanction on Iran.

The P5+1 group and Iran signed the nuclear deal in 2015 to end a crisis between the two sides that lasted for 12 years.

Under the deal, the US and EU sanctions imposed on Iran are lifted in return for limitations on Tehran’s nuclear program.

Source: Kuwait News Agency