Iran condemns tripartite US-led attack on Syria

TEHRAN, April Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Ali Khamenei Saturday condemned a military attack, launched by the US, UK and France, on Syria, official media reported.

The tripartite western attack on Syria is a “heinous crime”, Khamenei said while meeting with senior state officials and ambassadors of Islamic nations to mark Israa and Me’raj, according to MEHR News Agency.

“I firmly declare that the Presidents of US, France, and British PM are criminals and committed a major crime,” he said.

“They will make no gains; just as they did not while being in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan in the past years, committing the same criminal acts,” added Khamenei.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump claimed his country defeated the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria, which is a flagrant and exposed “lie”, Khamenei said, adding the westerners “interfered where IS members were trapped in a bid to save them.” For his part, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the “US offenses” in the region would only lead to further destruction and demolition, according to FARS News Agency.

Washington tends, through its aggression, to justify their presence in the region, Rouhani said during the senior officials and Islamic nations’ diplomats meeting with Khamenei in Tehran.

All political and military crises in the world stem from non-commitment to ethics and integrity as it is seen in the tripartite western attack on an independent Arab country, which is a clear violation and ignorance of the international principles, said Rouhani.

Source: Kuwait News Agency