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Iran nuclear deal “not perfect,” but “good” – British Amb. to US

WASHINGTON, British Ambassador to the US Sir Kim Darroch said that the Iran nuclear deal is “not a perfect deal,” but that it is a “good deal.

“We think it’s a good deal. It’s not a perfect deal, no deal ever is perfect,” Darroch told CBS news network.

He stressed that President Donald Trump “is rightly concerned about Iran’s regional activities, which are malign and damaging to security and stability.” He added that Trump “doesn’t like the fact that ballistic missiles aren’t covered. He’s not happy about the sunset clauses, he thinks the inspections regime should be tougher.

“On those issues, we have ideas we think that we can find some language, produce some action that meets the president’s concerns,” he noted.

He indicated that “Plan A is that the US stays in the deal. That’s what we’re working towards.” Asked if they are working on a Plan B, the British Ambassador affirmed “of course we are looking at all eventualities. My government has said that as long as Iran is in compliance with the deal and wants to stick with it that will be our position as well, so we’re looking at options for maintaining the deal should – which we hope they won’t, should the US administration choose to withdraw.” Trump faces a deadline to make a decision about the Iran nuclear deal this week, while British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, will be in Washington for talks with administration officials as he is expected to discuss the Iran deal.

Darroch reiterated that “the message we are hearing from all contacts in this administration is that although the president’s views on the deal are very clear, and have been out there for months and months actually, for years that a final decision hasn’t yet been taken.

Source: Kuwait News Agency