Iran nuclear deal poses “big problem” — White House

WASHINGTON, The 2015 Iran nuclear agreement was made “on a completely false pretense,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Tuesday.

“Iran lied on the front end, they were dishonest actors, and so the deal was made on things that weren’t accurate,” she said during a briefing. “And we have a big problem with that, particularly the fact that Iran’s nuclear capability was far more advanced and far further along than they ever indicated.” If the deal maintains as it is now, “when the sunset provision hits in seven years, they will be much further along in the process, and able to make a nuclear weapon much quicker than they’ve ever indicated before, and that’s a big problem,” Sanders said.

The Trump administration is “focused on moving forward on the safety and security of our country,” she said.

Sanders said that Israel gave the White House advance notice of the information that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented on live television Monday, which he said showed that Iran hid a secret nuclear weapons program for years.

President Donald Trump faces a May 12 deadline to decide whether the US will withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that was negotiated in the US by the administration of former President Barack Obama.

Source: Kuwait News Agency