Iran responsible for attack on oil installations — Al-Jubeir

RIYADH, Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir said on Saturday the “targeting” of Aramco’s installations in Buqaiq and Khurais was a criminal act, responsibility of which is put on Iran’s shoulders.

Speaking at a news conference, Al-Jubeir said the missiles that struck the facilities came from the North, adding that the kingdom was seeking to pin point the location of unleashing the rockets.

More than 80 states have condemned the attack because such an act affects oil supplies of the international markets, he added.

Current probe into circumstances of the incident, he says, is aimed at specifying the launch location, however, “we are certain that the source is not Yemen but Iran in the North.” The investigations are also designed to determine the type of weapons employed in the attack, Al-Jubeir said, noting that the kingdom would take “proper measures once the investigations come to an end.” He urged states of the globe to seek to counter Iran’s policies that have destabilized the region, where Tehran “has been seeking to divide the world and this will not succeed.” Saudi Arabia is consulting with allies and friends regarding the next steps after the probe, he says, indicating at an existing cooperation with Washington to secure navigation via the Arabian Gulf.

Iran, he says, is seeking to exploit the current situation to practice its hostility, adding that the evidences incriminating Tehran for supporting terrorism are multiple, despite its persistent denials, noting that Riyadh has repeatedly warned the non-confrontation approach against Iran will encourage it to escalate the aggression.

Saudi Arabia has not fired a single missile, one remote-control aircraft or a bullet on Iran, while the kingdom has been targeted with 260 ballistic missiles and 150 remote-control aircraft. Moreover, the kingdom does not support or host militias engaged in sabotage.

Saudi armed forces has succeeded in preventing ballistic missiles from hitting a target and has knocked down a large number of the remote-control planes, he said, affirming the kingdom keenness on security of its installations, citizens and residents.

“Iran must identify itself whether “it is a revolution or a state that respects international laws and sovereignty of the states,” he noted in part, stressing that it must stop meddling in others’ affairs and backing terrorism.

As to the nuclear accord, he said it should be either “improved or amended particularly with respect of uranium enrichment.” Saudi Arabia announced last Saturday that drones targeted and set alight two plants of the oil conglomerate Aramco in the East.

Source: Kuwait News Agency