Iranian leader: “we agreed on general framework to European initiative”

TEHRAN, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that his country agreed to the general framework of the European initiative led by French President Emmanuel Macron to settle the dispute with the US.

“We agreed on the general framework of the European initiative, which was presented on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, despite our reservations on some remarks made in it,” Rouhani said in a speech during a cabinet meeting.

Rouhani said the European initiative included remarks like “Iran would not pursue nuclear weapons, would provide peace and security in the region, including in Gulf water in exchange Washington lifts all sanctions and immediately allowing Tehran to sell its oil and get its financial revenues.

“Americans were ready to exploit this issue and turn it into a huge newsworthy issue to benefit from internally, but that was not of interest to us and what concerns us is to achieve our national interests,” Rouhani added.

The Iranian leader said that even if “we assume that the European initiative is acceptable to us and those remarks have been amended, what are the guarantees to enter into negotiations when we still have statements like US president wants to tighten sanctions against Iran,” he asked.

Rouhani noted that he told the European friends, do “we believe your words or statements from the US president.

“What happened in New York is far from solving the issue, and the outcome cannot be reached in a matter of hours, without taking into account all its aspects, but the road to a settlement has not been closed and is still open,” Rouhani said.

French President Emmanuel Macron led European negotiations on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly to reach a solution between Iran and the United States.

Tensions have been escalating between Iran and the United States since May last year when President Donald Trump pulled out of the nuclear accord and began re-imposing sanctions.

Britain, France and Germany have repeatedly said they are committed to saving the 2015 deal, which included the 5+1 countries and would have ended 12 years of crisis between the two sides.

The deal would also end Europe, US, and UN sanctions on Iran in exchange of imposing long term curbs on its nuclear program.

Iran on the other hand, responded by reducing its nuclear commitments and began nuclear activity increasing uranium enrichment of up to 4.5 instead of the agreed upon 3.67 levels.

Source: Kuwait News Agency